Kelly Pham
Sat May 28 2022 to Present

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1. Community Officer
2. Education Officer

1. You're the best! Thanks for being awesome!
2. Shoutout to Kelly for running the ACM booth at freshman orientation! Tons of students were super interested in ACM and Kelly helped answer their questions.
3. Thank you for everything you guys have been doing in ACM Community. We appreciate your hard work and dedication. ACM is so lucky to have you on the team ❤️
4. Shoutout to Kelly for the great work she's done so for in the Party Planning Committee! You have been highly organized and helped us to keep track of all the small details involved with the events we've been planning. Couldn't have had such a successful first General Meeting of the semester without your dedication to ACM and the work you do here! You're awesome and I appreciate you:)
5. Huge shoutout to Kelly and Dara for planning Celebration Night this semester! You did a great job =)
6. Shoutout to Kelly and Michael for running Town Hall 1! Amazing job =))
7. Shoutout to the amazing Events team for planning and running ACM Olympics this weekend! They created an awesome experience for 130+ people who can walk away with good memories and new friends in the ACM Community. Kudos to them and to the officers who participated.
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