Vy Lam
Sun Feb 27 2022 to Present

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1. Media Officer

1. Thank you so so much for coming to cover Research, Projects, and TIP over the past 2 weeks. You guys have gone above and beyond in helping get some awesome content. I appreciate it so much. Y'all are the best <3 dream team :')))
2. Thank you so much for taking photos at Presentation Night! We appreciate you volunteering your time :) <3
3. Thank you so much for taking the Board Photos today! We wouldn't have been able to take the photos without your help! Thank you for always being super helpful and available. ACM is lucky to have you as the Officer of the Year :)
4. Thank you Vy for creating the ACM Fall 2022 Kickoff Hype video!! Fun fact, we've never had a hype video for ACM kickoff ("Intro to ACM" video we made in Fall 2020 doesn't count because it wasn't a hype video :)) so you're the first one to do it! Really appreciate all the work and creativity you put into the amazing video, and it really shows why you're the ACM Officer of the Year :)
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