Reshmi Ranjith
Mon Jan 20 2020 to Wed May 18 2022

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1. Education Officer
2. Hacktoberfest Committee
3. Celebration Night Committee
4. Yearbook Committee
5. Director of Education
6. Vice President

1. Thank you Reshmi for being super supportive and reliable! I appreciate all you do to make sure everything goes well including things that we overlooked or did not think about. Super excited to see everything that you'll do to continue to make ACM better :)
2. Shoutout to Reshmi for being proactive in updating all the photos on the ACM Website to be from Fall 2021 or newer. Great to see some fresh faces on all the pages!
3. Thank you for reviewing my medium article and providing helpful suggestions before publishing it!
4. Thank you so much for helping us order ACM Projects Merch and guiding us through the process! We're so grateful for your kindness, patience, and support throughout the whole process and can't thank you enough <3 :')
5. Thank you Reshmi for everything you've done for ACM! You created TIP, started coffee chats, led the effort to automate points system in the mentor program, helped organize Hacktoberfest, Celebration, Yearbook, led Party Planning Committee, and did so much more. You're one of the most genuine people I know and I'm super grateful that I got to work with you ever since we joined Education together. I still cannot believe that you're leaving us, but remember that you'll always be part of ACM ❤️ And just for this week, I'll agree with you - Education is the best division 😂
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