Abhitej Arora
Sun Jul 12 2020 to Present

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1. HackUTD Industry Coordinator
2. HackUTD Industry Lead

1. Late shoutout to Abhitej for taking pictures at the Projects Presentation Night! Thanks for taking a lot of pictures of everyone who wanted one! Abhitej, because of you, I got to take pictures with my former PM and Co-Director of Projects, so I appreciate your help!
2. Huge shoutout to Abhitej for being the best and most transformative industry lead I could ever wish for! Abhitej is always supportive and goes above and beyond to make sure everyone has the knowledge and resources to create meaningful and lasting relationships with sponsors. A prime example of this was when I ran into Amanda from State Farm at HackDFW: she could not stop talking about how Abhi always goes the extra mile to make them feel at home at the events State Farm hosts. Can't wait to see what we pull of this year!!
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