Harsha Srikara
Sat Apr 06 2019 to Mon Aug 01 2022

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1. HackUTD Experience Coordinator
2. HackUTD Technical Lead
3. Education Officer
4. Director of Development
5. Director of ACM Hacktoberfest
6. Celebration Night Committee
7. Yearbook Committee
8. Strategic Advisor

1. Shoutout to Harsha for creating a slack accolade integration with leadership.acmutd.co! 🎉
2. Thank you, Harsha, for adding so many awesome features for the leadership site! You give so much time and effort to make things better at ACM. I'm sure the past/current team appreciates your work with the leadership site, and I know that the future ACM team will be super grateful that you created this amazing initiative!
3. (super late oops) but thanks for filling in as a TIP lead for the majority of the weeks! A literal lifesaver as it'd be hard for a group to function without one.
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