Mike Nguyen
Mon Sep 20 2021 to Present

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1. Development Officer

1. Shout-out to Mike for finishing some last-minute style changes to Portal for spring 2022 kick-off.
2. Shout-out to Mike for hopping on countless pair-programming sessions with me in VC coding-hangouts for hours on end throughout the semester! If you hop in, you'll frequently hear "wild" being tossed around to describe what we're working on.
3. Shout-out to Mike for helping me set up Portal's monorepo (among the rest of portal v2 infrastructure)! We now have a documentation site for portal currently at docs.portal.acmutd.co!
4. thanks for reviewing my pr <3
5. Thank you Naveen, Sisi, Sanika, Shoaib, Alessio, and Mike for helping kickoff run smoothly!
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